About Us

Alex Martinez - Founder
FindMySetup was founded in 2022 by Alexander Martinez, Lars Vogler, and Mario Perez. Alex had spent his entire childhood around computers, office spaces, and the intricacies of making things his own through automobiles. In June of 2022, Alex and Lars had spent time talking about the difficulties of finding the right components to build their home offices since they began their own businesses. The product was out there, but finding a way to see what it looked like and a simplified way in how it performed was almost impossible. Alex nor Lars had found an easy way to find the necessary information to even know if something like a monitor was good for a racing simulator without pages of forum threads. As if hit by a Nissan 240Z, Alex & Lars recognized the monumental gap that existed between manufacturers who built incredible products, and everyday people who wanted to know how it would look in their home.

Mario Perez - Creative Officer
After Alex decided to leave his role as Chief Marketing Officer at a start-up business he had been a part of since its inception in 2017 that was in the aftermarket automotive industry, he then chose to stretch into another market he had always been passionate about; electronics. With the problem identified, Alex then reached out to Lars Vogler to join the small team to carry out the web development and data infrastructure while Mario Perez would come on board to create the most progressive and unique creative content structure the industry had ever seen (we’re bias, but you know what we mean)

Alex Martinez - Founder
While we’ve only recently launched, we believe that FindMySetup is the next step for gaming enthusiasts, work-from-home extraordinaires, musicians, and techies from around the world to share the space they built with others while teaching how it all works. By creating a community within FindMySetup, we’re able to help answer the question of “How can I build the ultimate home office space?”

Lars Vogler - The Technology Guy
Our gallery of dream setups are what help provide innovation, education, and maybe a little drooling when it comes to individuals finding their next gaming setup, work-from-home setup, studio setup, or racing simulator setup. We’re excited about this, and we hope you are too.

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