Payment /Financing Details

Findmysetup offers financing for all its products including computers, accessories, racing simulators, lighting, and streaming equipment through Affirm, Klarna, Paypal Credit and Katapult.

Payments for orders can be made through credit card, Paypal, or a financing program at the time of purchase for Findmysetup.

All appropriate taxes are dependent upon the location of the purchase. Should state or local taxes need to be collected for Findmysetup, they will be calculated at time of purchase. Findmysetup does not hold any liability for businesses taxes you may need to pay on product.

Findmysetup offers price guarantees against authorized retailers in the e-commerce marketplace to ensure you feel confident when you hit the button. Should a cheaper price become available within 24 hours of purchase, please contact us and we will credit the difference as long as the price match is from an authorized retailer. To confirm authorized retailers, please contact us at info@findmysetup.com.

Any coupons, deals, or discounts for computers, accessories, peripherals, racing simulators, or other products offered on Findmysetup are available on www.findmysetup.com/coupons-deals. Should an online coupon be available that Findmysetup is not publicizing, please contact us at info@findmysetup.com to validate the deal and provide a price match for you.

About Findmysetup

FindMySetup was founded in 2022 by Alexander Martinez, Lars Vogler, and Mario Perez. Alex had spent his entire childhood around computers, office spaces, and the intricacies of making things his own through automobiles. In June of 2022, Alex and Lars had spent time talking about the difficulties of finding the right components to build their home offices since they began their own businesses. The product was out there, but finding a way to see what it looked like and a simplified way in how it performed was almost impossible. Alex nor Lars had found an easy way to find the necessary information to even know if something like a monitor was good for a racing simulator without pages of forum threads. As if hit by a Nissan 240Z, Alex & Lars recognized the monumental gap that existed between manufacturers who built incredible products, and everyday people who wanted to know how it would look in their home.

Findmysetup is owned and operated by Alex Martinez (Alex Martini) with two fantastic friends as minority owners; Lars Vogler and Mario Perez.

We’re bias, but yes. Findmysetup was built by a few friends that wanted to help people find their dream room setup; nothing more. We love making content, answering questions, and always helping out where we can. No massive conglomerates own us and we never plan to be anything but ourselves.

Findmysetup is partnered with authorized dealers all across the globe to offer products, information, and content to help you build your dream room setup. Our trustworthiness can be seen in our company reviews, our content, and our authenticity. We’re just passionate people that love making spaces feel comfortable.

The fastest way to reach out is at info@findmysetup.com. We respond to all emails within 1-2 business days of your inquiry. If you need help, please be sure to share with us as much information as you can prior to emailing. There’s only a few of us, and we’d really appreciate it!

Shipping & Delivery

Orders may take up to 7-14 business days if the product is available in our warehouse. Should a drop ship or external order be shipped from a 3rd party, we would advise 7-21 business days. Tracking information is always made available upon order confirmation and order receipt. Please note, it may take up to 1-2 days to receive tracking information once the order has been shipped.

Orders can be shipped to any address that has been verified and authenticated against the billing address of the information provided. Should the two addresses not match, Findmysetup may need to contact you for confirmation due to potential fraud. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we want to make sure the right product goes to the right person!

Once your order has been concluded, we will reach out via email or phone to gather further information on shipping details and probable arrival date for the product.

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Orders can be shipped to any address that has been verified and authenticated against the billing address of the information provided. Should the two addresses not match, Findmysetup may need to contact you for confirmation due to potential fraud. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we want to make sure the right product goes to the right person!

Product Compatibility

If there’s a situation where products aren’t compatible, please contact us at info@findmysetup.com and we will evaluate the current issue with your purchase. Please note, we cannot guarantee that we can resolve the issue due to the complexity of bringing various models, brands, and needs together. However, should Findmysetup be the core reason for the compatibility issue, we will resolve it as soon as we can so you can get back to enjoying your space!

We guarantee that if the manufacturer confirms compatibility between components, we shall also stand behind that compatibility. Should there be a more unique setup that requires additional workarounds, Findmysetup cannot guarantee product compatibility. However, please send us an email and we will do our best to help!

As you search products within Findmysetup, product compatibility details will be listed in each product description and room pages.

Cancellations & Returns

Any orders cancelled after shipping will need to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Partial refunds may be available, but any costs incurred will need to be collected by Findmysetup. Sorry, but shipping costs money!

We follow manufacturer return policy guidelines and recommendations. Product unused, unboxed, and in new condition can be returned within 30 days of purchase at no additional charge outside of shipping details. Should the product be used and then need to be returned, Findmysetup will be unable to accept the return. However, if there’s a unique situation, please contact us at info@findmysetup.com

You may cancel an order any time prior to shipment at no additional cost. Any orders facilitated through a 3rd party such as Amazon will follow their own cancellation policies. Findmysetup products host a 30 day cancellation policy should the product be unused, unshipped, or not accurate to the order details.

Used products may be returned for a partial credit into Findmysetup but is based on a case by case basis. Please notify us with your order number, photos of product condition, and reasoning for the return in an email back to us at info@findmysetup.com

Dropship Orders

Any purchase completed through a 3rd party site should be contacted directly if you have an issue with your order.

Findmysetup works with dozens of authorized distributors that are closer to you so that you can get your order quicker. Don’t worry, if you ordered directly from Findmysetup, you can still reach out to us should you have any questions, comments, or issues regarding your order!

Social Media & Partnerships

Any sponsorship requests can be sent to info@findmysetup.com and we’ll take a look at what you got! Please note that sponsorships are not guaranteed, and depending on the quality of the sponsorship requests will have a direct result on what we will be able to offer! If you’re a streamer, Youtuber, tiktoker, or just awesome influencer, hit us up!

Findmysetup is currently partnered with over 12 suppliers that offer products for gaming, streaming, remote office work, and more. Findmysetup is also an authorized Amazon affiliate.

We absolutely do. Alex Martinez, Lars Vogler, and Mario Perez all believe in charity giveback as we grow. Alex is insanely passionate about animal welfare, Lars is passionate about racing charities, and Mario loves finding ways to get more people involved in the music industry. As we grow we will continue to increase our charity giveback!

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