Govee Glide RGBIC Smart Wall Light

The Govee Glide RGBIC Smart Wall Lights are a type of segmented LED light bar that can be mounted on walls to add ambient lighting to a room. They can be controlled using a smartphone app, and have a variety of features including the ability to change colors and adjust brightness. They also come with built-in microphone for music sync feature where you can match the lights with the beat of the music. They come with a remote control and can also be controlled with voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. They can be customized to create a shape that fits your room best.


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  • Customizable Glide Shape with 12 interchangeable segments that can be connected in any order for a unique wall light design, with the option to group control multiple sets through the Govee Home App
  • Breathtaking multi-color lighting with patented RGBIC technology that can display up to 76 colors at one time and 16 million colors total
  • Reacts to music in real-time with built-in microphone and 12 vibrant music modes, and can be synced with other Govee smart lights through the Govee Music Box
  • Dynamic light effects with more than 40+ scene modes to choose from, including options based on emotions, nature elements, and life activities
  • Powerful app and voice controls through the Govee Home app and Alexa and other voice assistants, allowing for hands-free control of the Glide Wall Lights, perfect for gaming sessions and parties.
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