Ropelux Monitor Light Bar

The Ropelux Monitor Light bar is a specially designed computer monitor light that blocks blue light and glare from the screen, reducing eye fatigue. It has 98 white and 29 RGB LEDs that produce a high-quality, anti-glare light that helps improve concentration. The light has 5 touch buttons for easy control, is dimmable and adjustable with three color temperatures, and has a memory function that remembers previous settings when the light is turned off. Additionally, it has a fun RGB back light that adds to the gaming and entertainment experience. The light bar is designed to securely attach to the edge of a computer screen, and it has an opening and closing angle of up to 180°.


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  • Ropelux computer monitor light bar blocks blue light and glare from the screen with its asymmetric wedge-shaped optical structure, spreading a 45° beam angle that illuminates only your keyboard and desk
  • The patterned lens of the LED monitor light bar delivers an anti-glare, eye-friendly light that reduces eye fatigue for people who work on computers for long hours every day
  • With 98 White+29 RGB LEDs, 500Lux, and a high color rendering index (CRI>95), Ropelux office lamp creates a calm, fully immersive and concentrative space, reducing chromatic aberration and visual fatigue
  • The sensitive touch buttons of the computer light allow you to switch between different modes with a single click, and the weighted clamp holds the screen light securely on the edge of your computer's screen
  • Ropelux office screen light has three color temperatures 2700K, 4000K, 6500K, and the brightness for each color temperature can be adjusted from high to low in 5 levels with a memory function that retains your previous settings
  • The back of the screen light bar features a dazzling RGB light bar with a wide selection of dynamic/static scene modes, color chasing, fading, jumping, music, etc., adding fun and helping you fully immerse yourself and relax in your entertainment world.

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