NuPhy Halo65 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Halo65 by NuPhy is their first iteration of a wireless-enabled keyboard that mirrored its wired counterpart. Focusing on ergonomics, weight, battery life, and presence, the Halo65 is perfect for anyone looking for compact and capable wireless keyboard for multiple uses.

The Halo65 features a unibody aluminum design, sidelights, and iconic COAST PBT keycaps which create a unique sensory interaction with each type. The lighting system allows the Halo65 to embody a unique presence both in day and nighttime through the development of a hollowed out aluminum alloy boy that is paired with a translucent plastic; allowing the RGB light to shine through in a 3D viewing.

For individuals looking for a capable, fun and functional wireless keyboard that's affordable, accessible, and well produced, the Halo65 is the one for you. The Gateron G Pro Brown switches have excellent feedback that's balanced and works well for gaming, office work, and travel needs. Should a more aggressive switch be requested, NuPhy offers various options directly through the link below!


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  • Innovative design with a central "Halo" band of light uniting a solid unibody aluminum frame and a laser-polished ABS base
  • Available in wear-resistant anodized matte black and electrophoresis-coated ionic white finishes
  • Upgraded battery capacity of 4000 mA for 240 hours of continuous use
  • Supports three connection modes: cable, Bluetooth, and 2.4G
  • 65 RGB LEDs, 17 default light effects, and 16M RGB colors for customizable lighting
  • Sidelight keyboard status monitor for connection modes, CapsLock, and battery status
  • PBT keycaps with option to purchase ABS light transmitting keycaps separately
  • Seven included switch types for user customization and backup
  • 17 additional keycaps for further personalization.
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