The Team

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez started FindMySetup after trying to find how to build his own desk setup and it being painfully difficult. Like, seriously difficult. From figuring out what computer to buy for a racing simulator, to finding what keyboard worked best for video editing, Alex chose to launch FindMySetup to help others not have the same issues as he did.

You may have seen Alex in the automotive industry as he is also the founder of MetaMartini and Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club while also being an automotive content creator on Youtube. Now instead of just talking about cars and the car community, you’ll find Alex also talking about keyboards, computers, and all things dream room related on Youtube!

Lars Vogler

The Technology Guy
After working in the technology space for years, Lars is excited to jump into a the world of home offices and gaming setups to help people create the best space for themselves, whether they are gamers, workers, or creatives.

Thought leader, nerd, philosopher, and wannabe race car driver, Lars also enjoys traveling and will join pretty much any adventure with his friends.

Mario Perez

The Creative Guy
Storyteller, friend, filmmaker.
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